A WEEKLY running event which takes place in Oswestry has hosted a disability day to encourage sport and activity among people of all abilities

Henley Wood Parkrun is a 5k run which takes place every weekend – with this Saturday's event being the third disability run organised in the town.

Parkrun, which started in London 13 years ago and came to Oswestry last year, frequently sees people travel from far and wide to attend the run near Cabin Lane, and one of its regular runners is Peter Loose from Milton Keynes.

He said: "I usually run, but I'm volunteering this week.

"This run is to encourage people with a disability to take part – it is to promote inclusive social activity."

This week's event was also a special one as The Rotary Club of Oswestry presented Parkrun organisers with a plaque as part of its Mary Hignett Bequest Fund (MHBF), from which money has been donated to purchase kits and a public address (PA) system.

Mark Liquorish, president of the club, said: "Some decisions are quite difficult for the MHBF Committee... but the application from Parkrun was a easy one for us to decide to support.

"It ticked all our boxes; it is local, it is sport and the kit you [Parkrun] wanted our help with was both very specific and should provide years of help running your events.

"In fact – [It is] just the sort of project Mary must have had in mind when she made her most generous bequest to the club.

"Few things are as important to our communities today as access to exercise and so we were delighted to be able to help provide these facilities for so many runners of all abilities," Mark added.

"I am pleased to present this plaque to serve as a reminder of the generosity of Mary Hignett."

One person who was there supporting runners, was Diane Phillips from Positive Steps based in Shrewsbury.

She said: "We've got a couple of people taking part, so we're here to support them and Bethphage.

"It's great, the Parkrun community is absolutely amazing.

"I think the more inclusive we can be for people of all ages and disabilities, the better."