A four-day week could be explored at Shropshire Council in a bid to cut emissions and boost staff wellbeing.

The full council will be asked by Lib Dem Councillor Andy Boddington to set up a group to consider the proposal.

Councillor Boddington said he wanted the council to remain open for five days a week, but for the staff to work four days a week, evenly distributed across the week.

He said: “There is growing interest among many organisations about introducing a four-day week. 

“Pilot trials and research show that a four-day week improves staff wellbeing and innovation, without reducing productivity. 

“Reducing staff travel to work will also contribute to national and council commitments to progress towards a zero carbon expectation.

This motion does not propose shutting council offices three days in seven but to give most staff flexibility in which four weekdays they work. 

“It does not apply to Shropshire Council employees in schools.

“Shropshire Council must continue to operate public facing services Monday to Friday, as well as maintaining emergency and essential cover 24/7. 

“But this should not be an impediment to introducing a four-day week norm for staff and increasing use of flexible hours. 

“This council requests the chief executive and an appropriate cabinet member to examine the case for a four day working week with a view to reporting to cabinet and council by February 2020 on the feasibility of a four-day week norm for council staff.”

The motion will be put to full council for discussion next Thursday (July 25).

The council currently encourages staff to work one day a week from home.