Students from Moreton Hall, near Oswestry, showed off their artistic flair when it was taken beyond the classroom and into the community with an invitation to create a mural for a nearby hospital.

The students worked on a piece at the Movement Centre, a children’s physiotherapy charity, attached to The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital in Gobowen.

The art students were tasked with painting an image to brighten up the outside of the building, making it inviting for children arriving for treatment.

Moreton Hall Art Teacher Jan Miller was delighted with the challenge.

She said: “Working to a real brief was an exciting challenge and one that I was keen to involve all pupils in, from Year 3 to Year 9.

“We were keen to incorporate the centre’s kite logo and flying high motto as well as feature figures within a bright, bold design and to be all inclusive and welcoming to all families.

“Fitting the design around the windows was the biggest challenge, apart from the weather! Year 9 students painted in the rain and in the baking sun, encouraged by the stream of lovely comments from people working at the hospital and the patients visiting.

“The success of the final mural was the strong lines, simple shapes, vivid colours and size of the figures. We were not sure what The Movement Centre were expecting when they initially asked us, but everyone who drives around and sees it, stops and smiles and this was our vision.

“We are just a little bit proud too, that our little drawings can have such a big audience and have an impact for many years.”

Student Isabella Morris added: “We thoroughly enjoyed painting on such a large scale and delighted with the abstract nature of the mural.”