A PUBLIC meeting is being held in Chirk on Thursday to discuss the proposal for 180 new homes in the area.

The meeting has been arranged to give residents an opportunity to get together, discuss the issue and share views on the matter.

The houses are proposed in the Wrexham Local Development Plan for a site adjacent to Lodgevale Park.

Councillor Terry Evans has encouraged residents in the region to attend the meeting.

He believes the plan should focus more on providing affordable properties in Chirk.

He said: “Putting an application in for one site which will have 180 private houses isn’t fair.

“They’re not going to be affordable houses; they will all be private.

“We need more social housing in Chirk, we’re desperate for it.

“Young families need more affordable places to buy. Continually building private houses will be unfair on the young community of Chirk.”

The meeting will be held at Chirk Parish Hall, on Holyhead Road, Thursday from 7pm.