WEST Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) John Campion has proposed taking relentless measures to tackle organised crime in the region.

The PCC is hoping the new approach can thwart incidences of county lines, modern slavery and child sex abuse.

New measures include better protection of those most vulnerable in communities, improved partnership working to create a borderless approach and ensuring tough, targeted enforcement action against criminals who aim to harm the community.

Mr Campion also suggested ensuring criminals are stripped of illegal assets and money, and then reinvesting it into our communities.

He said: “The impact of crimes such as child sexual abuse, county lines drug trades, modern slavery and human trafficking can be devastating.

“They can destroy individuals and damage entire communities.

“We need to better support victims. We need local and national partners to work together more. We need to empower our communities to work closer with the police.

“Most of all perhaps, we need to be very clear that our police will be relentless in disrupting this offending, and bringing criminals to justice.

“West Mercia remains a comparatively safe place, but we are not immune to serious and organised crime. This plan outlines how I will play my part and work with others to ensure our communities are safer and feel safer.”

The Commissioner’s strategy is out for consultation until August 15.

Partners and local communities are invited to read it in full and send feedback at www.westmercia-pcc.gov.uk