CHILDREN visiting Chirk Leisure Centre are being given the chance to see first-hand the damage caused by plastic pollution in the earth’s waters.

Schoolchildren on weekly swimming lessons arrived at the centre to find the pool water filled with plastic waste including milk bottles, wrappers and food packaging.

They were then tasked with removing the plastic from the pool to make them realise the enormity of the problem with plastic in the oceans, and how long it would take to fix the problem.

Chirk Junior School were the first group fishing for plastic on Wednesday, and Chirk Leisure Centre representative David Watkin was pleased to see the children enjoying the learning aspect as well as the swimming activities.

He said: “Filling the pool with plastic for the children was an idea we came across from pictures in a school in Fishguard that did it a few months ago.

“We thought it would be a good idea to do the same here and roll it out across the primary schools that attend the leisure centre for lessons.

“We have 14 schools that come along and use the facilities, so we’ve been able to get the message across to a lot of children.

“The vast majority of schools have signed up and agreed that it’s a fantastic way to raise awareness of the problems caused by plastic pollution.”

David added how important he believes it is to teach the children about the impact plastic waste can have on the planet and hopes teaching children the effects from a young age can eventually make a difference.

“Some of the schools have had it as a topic for learning anyway, so it’s helping to really drive that message home,” he said.

“We as an organisation buy into the need to recycle and we’re totally aware of our carbon footprint.

“We think this is something that is important for the children to be aware of.

“It’s very important for children to see the damage it can cause to the planet.

“The teachers in today have introduced learning cards and other things to help alongside the activities, so the children seem to have really taken to that.”