NORTH Shropshire MP Owen Paterson has reiterated his support for Boris Johnson in the current race to become Prime Minister.

Johnson has been battling with Jeremy Hunt to become the leader of the Conservative Party since Theresa May announced her resignation last month.

Party members have been voting for the person they would like to see in Number 10, with Johnson seemingly leading the race.

Mr Paterson gave his backing to Johnson once again during a recent visit to Gobowen.

He said: “I think it is very likely, almost certain, it will be Boris.

“Unless something goes drastically wrong, Boris is going to be elected.

“People are voting at the moment, and we know from the polls he is the more likely of the two.

“He will be elected, and it is then essential for him to deliver Brexit by the deadline on October 31.

“Boris is the best of the two candidates for the job.”

Whoever takes on the role as Prime Minister will be tasked with guiding the UK out of the European Union before the deadline.

Mr Paterson believes this should be a priority for whoever takes on the role.

“If we don’t [leave the EU by the deadline], we can’t turn our focus to anything else,” he added.

“We can’t focus on schools, improving the road programme, broadband or increasing the number of police.

“We have all these things which need attention, but in my eyes, we’re completely stuck until we resolve this issue.”