AN OSWESTRY town councillor is highlighting the presence of life-saving equipment in the town and surrounding areas.

Cllr Paul Milner is wanting to raise awareness of defibrillators in Oswestry and their locations, as he wants to make sure that everybody knows about them.

He would also like to praise Oswestry Community First Responders, who on noticing that the battery in one defibrillator had run out in 2016, they then went around to check others at various locations across the county and replaced them.

Cllr Milner who is hoping to devise a map which will pin point where each machine is, said: "They are so important but not many people know about them.

"A few months ago, a man had a heart attack in Oswestry and it was one of those defibrillators that saved his life.

"There are boxes in Leg Street, the Broad Walk, the Bailey Head and lots of other places. To use, you would ring 999 and give the code on the box.

"We are really lucky in Oswestry to have so many. They really do save lives."