A MAN visiting Oswestry who found a wedding photo and love note inside a book he bought from a charity shop, is hoping to reunite it with the bride.

Keith Bainbridge, 79, who lives in Chichester with his wife June, 76, who is from Oswestry, had stayed overnight at a local hotel before a trip to North Wales, but stopped to visit the parish church where they had married 50 years earlier as well as admiring the floral display at Cae Glas Park.

Mrs Bainbridge said the pair were delighted by their find and hope to help the picture find its way home.

"My husband spotted the Age UK charity shop as we walked back to the car park," she said.

"He is an avid charity shop browser and always on the look out for a good book – he was in need of a couple for holiday reading.

"The book he picked up was A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, an unusual choice for him, but we're so glad he did otherwise the delightful photo and note may have remained undiscovered for even longer.

"We hope to reconcile the touching tribute to its rightful owner, though we appreciate it's a long shot we had to try – rather than just pass on the book to another charity shop miles from home."

Mr Bainbridge added: "It's a lovely photo of a woman with flowers, it's really quite beautiful.

"I can't help but tear up when I read the note. I've shown it to friends and family and every time it gets me emotional.

"I'd hate for it to get lost and just hope that we find who it belongs to so we can send the photo on to them."

If you have any information, please contact Mr and Mrs Bainbridge on 01243 779824.