THERE was a Shaolin showdown in Chirk on Saturday as a detachment of monks from China’s Southern Shaolin Temple made a visit to the Parish Hall.

The group performed at Chirk Castle earlier in the week, as part of a tour of Wrexham and the surrounding areas, as they engage a cultural exchange between Wales and China.

Visitors to Chirk Parish Hall were treated to a brief talk from Pol Wong, UK liason officer for the temple, before witnessing a Kung Fu display from two of the monks.

"We're here as an ongoing exchange between China and Wales," said Pol. "We want to deepen the cultural links between Wales and China.

"We have a couple of projects in the pipeline. We're very keen to have ordinary people get involved with grassroots Kung Fu.

"We're really keen to make a real, authentic cultural exchange, develop connections between China and Wales and promote Shaolin culture in Wales."

The group will display a full performance of Kung Fu, accompanied by traditional Chinese musicians at the William Aston Hall in Wrexham on Sunday, July 7 at 7pm.

Tickets the show at the William Aston can be purchased at or by ringing 0844 888 99 91.