The councillor who raised the issue of the attendance of three Shropshire Council members, including one who was grieving for her daughter at the time, says he was acting on behalf of a member of the public,

Councillor Roger Evans, who is leader of the Lib Dem group on Shropshire Council, said he is “disappointed” at how the situation has been handled and said it showed people cannot be guaranteed anonymity when raising issues with the council.

He said he was not making a formal complaint when he made the council aware of the member of the public’s concerns.

He said it was his duty to act on behalf of the public but said he has apologised to Councillor Jane Mackenzie for how the situation was handled.

Councillor Mackenzie was removed from her role as member for Bayston Hill, Column and Sutton on Monday for not attending a meeting for six months.

During that time she had been caring for her terminally-ill daughter, who has since died.

On Tuesday she was reinstated when it was found she had attended an eternal council meeting in that time.

Councillors Claire Aspinall and Nic Laurens were also subjects of investigation, but both proved they had attended meetings in that time.

Mr Laurens resigned from the council on Monday.

Councillor Evans said he was particularly upset that he had been named in an email sent by Shropshire Council chief executive Clive Wright to all councillors on Tuesday.

He said: “I was contacted by a member fo the public with the information they had collected about council attendance and asked to pass it on to the council as they were worried their identity would not be kept confidential.

“The next I saw was when the positions were named vacant on Monday.

“I was then amazed to see I had been named in the email sent by the chief executive on Wednesday.

“It just goes to show that the member of public is correct and you can’t rely on your anonymity being kept when dealing wih the council on sensitive issues.

“By doing that he has turned it into a political situation. I can’t imagine he would have done the same if it had been a member of the ruling administration.”

He added: “I am disappointed by how the whole situation has been handled, but I am pleased Mr Wright sent another email out to members on Wednesday night clearing my name.

“I have also sent an apology to Jane for the stress it has caused.

“But I was acting on behalf of a member of the public and I have ended up getting personal abuse for it.”

The email sent by Mr Wright to all members says: ”Further to my earlier email and having spoken to Councillor Roger Evans I wish to clarify that at the outset Roger was representing others and rather than making a complaint he was drawing the matter to attention so that appropriate action could be taken.”