AN OLYMPIC star will be bringing his archery expertise to share with the people of Shropshire.

Olympian Patrick Huston OLY from Belfast – who is also a three-time world champion for Archery – visited the British Ironwork Centre (BIC) on Tuesday to discuss a future partnership.

Clive Knowles the chairman for BIC was delighted to meet with Patrick – who began playing the sport at the age of eight – to talk about the forthcoming classes, and was 'honoured' to have the Olympian visit the centre.

He said: "We are exceptionally proud and excited to announce that Patrick will be utilising the centre and our surrounding parklands to establish and promote the versatile art of archery.

"We are currently in the process of establishing dates with Patrick for him and his team to give archery guidance, direction and tuition right here at the centre.

"No matter your fitness level or previous archery experience, everyone is welcome to join in on these exclusive classes where you will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of basic archery from serious experts whilst having some really good fun.

"Patrick is now officially a part of our Youth Support Programme, where we aim to support young entrepreneurs in their business endeavours across the Shropshire and wider North Wales region."

As well as being a world-record holder and more recently returning from the European Games with a silver medal, Patrick took part in the 2016 Summer Olympics in GB's archery squad and has also been selected to represent them again having just qualified for the 2020 Olympics.

He describes archery as an 'all-inclusive sport that can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities, fitness levels and walks of life. From eight to one hundred and eight, archery is a wonderfully accessible, skill-based sport that requires little to no strength or stamina unless taken forward on a competitive level.'