Town councillors in Oswestry have moved to commission a report into the possibility of establishing a youth council.

The move was agreed by councillors who attended a finance and general purposes committee on Monday night at the Guildhall.

The motion was brought forward by Councillors John Price, who is also mayor, and Clare Aspinall, and said ' that the town council looks to establish a youth council of varying age groups to have their views and concerns heard'.

Cllr Aspinall admitted that she thought it would be better if a third party oversaw the youth council in order to satisfy any safeguarding concerns, and many of her colleagues agreed.

Cllr Mike Coppock asked how it would be organised and who would it be run by, with Cllr Price suggesting the third party could be a group like The New Saints and their foundation work.

He said: "My feelings on it are because of safeguarding, Oswestry Town Council can't facilitate it.

"I was approached by TNS to explore future youth work in Oswestry east.

"It’s testing the waters to found out what we can produce and can it be sustainable. It doesn't have to be TNS but its checking the feasibility, or possibly not.

"If something's come this far, we should chase it for young people because we don’t want it to crash and burn."

Cllr Jay Moore agreed with the mayor and backed the role of a third party to organise the council, but proposed an online forum as an alternative.

Cllr Peter Cherrington added: "We had a youth council between 2010-15 and they looked after themselves with minutes etc, with one councillor sitting in who reported back.

"It was very successful and it died a death because those running it went to college.

"There is a possibly to bring it back and it benefitted Oswestry Town Council as we got feedback on their views."

Former mayor Sandy Best sought clarification that the approach from TNS was not for more money, but town clerk Arran Roberts confirmed any work would be part of a wide project.

Councillors then voted for Mr Roberts to return a report into potential ways a youth council could be established.