A SUPERMARKET in Oswestry is extending its car park times to make shopping easier during a period of road closures.

Sainsburys in Black Gate Street, extended its maximum parking stay from two hours to four hours while roadworks taking place in the town started on Monday.

Customers at Sainsburys will be able to park for up to four hours for free, using the voucher provided – anyone else not shopping at the supermarket will be able to park for four hours for £1.

Store manager Allister Moutriem says the hope is that by doing this it will support the town centre.

"The extended time will allow people to visit town and do their shopping here too,” he said.

"I appreciate [the roadworks] needs to be done but as it will cause a bit of a disruption, we've extended the parking time to help until the they're done."

Leg Street and Beatrice Street will be closed to traffic until Friday, July 5 while SP Energy completes work reinforcing its cable network.