Mentioning window cleaners does not usually raise spontaneous applause in a WI audience but, coupled with the name of George Formby, it did at Llanymynech’s Open Meeting in June.

There was a short business meeting at which arrangements were made to invite local women to a “Natter and Chatter” afternoon tea at the Church Hall from 2-4pm on August 8.

About 45 visitors from neighbouring Institutes, including the County Trustees led by the County Chairman, gathered to enjoy the evening and celebrate Llanymynech’s Centenary year.

After the President, Margo Colls, welcomed the visitors, Dot Weston started the evening with memories from the Institute’s minutes. A minute from the 1940s raised a laugh with the request for members to bring their own sugar for their teas.

John Croft started his talk by showing a variety of ukuleles he had collected over the years and describing how each differed from others as well as explaining how a minor plucked string instrument from Madeira travelled all round the world and was improved as it went.

He interspersed his talk with songs culminating in the story of George Formby senior and his more famous son of the “When I’m cleaning windows...” fame.

He ended by leading a singsong of popular songs of the early 20th century.

After refreshments and a raffle, the evening ended with thanks to the host Institute by the County Chairman, Jean Hurrell.