Town council bosses are looking at taking on the management of A boards outside businesses in a town – hoping it will make the issue easier to deal with.

Oswestry Town Council has agreed to show a first expression of interest in taking on the management of the boards from Shropshire Council.

Bosses at Shirehall want to devolve responsibility of the boards to town and parish councils.

And Councillor Paul Milner, for Oswestry, said it could be one of the first to get involved.

He said: “We agreed at town council on Wednesday to show a first expression of interest in taking it on from Shropshire Council.

“We felt that as a town council we could do more to build on a relationship between businesses and the various groups.

“It would also save time for people who if they have a problem or an issue they wouldn’t have to come up to Shrewsbury and then work it back down to Oswestry.

“If we take it on they can come to us and we can get it worked out.”

Councillor Milner said he recently went around Oswestry town centre with a guide dog to see problems that face those with sight difficulties.

He said: “It was quite an experience really because unless you are in that position you wouldn’t necessarily realise the problems that can face you.

“If a guide dog comes up to a shop which has a lot of street furniture or A boards they aren’t necessarily going to manage to get past and they certainly aren’t going to take you out into the middle of the road in danger either.

“It is a problem for those with wheelchairs, pushchairs or sight problems.

“I am not saying it is a massive problem in Oswestry any more than anywhere else, but we want to work with our various groups and our wonderful businesses to make sure it runs smoothly.

“It could be something we take on and we have taken that first step.”