PLANNING committee members are to visit a Chirk bird food shop after concerns over a pigeon loft.

Wrexham Council's planning committee met on Monday evening to discuss retrospective proposals to the change of use of a property in Station Avenue.

The change would see the building change from a former ambulance station to retail, along with the creation of structures to the rear of the property for the purposes of a pigeon loft.

Speaking at the planning meeting, a resident told councillors that since the pigeons were accommodated at the property 12 months ago, his home has been "plagued by mess".

He said: "Our outdoor furniture has to be washed and disinfected almost daily.

"When the pigeons are released, you can have thirty to forty flying over your head for hours.

"The noise is becoming unbearable."

Planning officer David Williams explained that if the pigeon loft had been built within the boundaries of a residential site, a planning application would not be necessary.

The reason the matter had been brought before the committee, he explained, was that the building's former use (as an ambulance station) and its proposed use (as retail) do not benefit from the permitted development rights.

He said: "As far as the retail element is concerned, it is to provide animal food for birds and poultry.

"We have restricted the opening hours and delivery times to avoid the impact on residential properties."

The meeting heard how Wrexham Council had previously received a complaint about the site and a council officer had visited - but concerns raised about the noise had not been substantiated.

Cllr Frank Hemmings asked whether some kind of compromise could be found "to make life better for those who live behind the shop."

A report to the committee recommended the scheme be approved.

But following the discussion, councillors opted to approve a visit in order to see the site for themselves.