Disability Oswestry or DO as they prefer to call themselves, are raising their profile this month.

They see their main role as supporting everybody with a disability, be it physical (seen and unseen), learning disabilities and difficulties, dementia and people who have been in contact with mental health services.

DO are probably best known as the publishers of their ‘DO Directory’, which currently lists the contact details of 61 groups who support disabilities. This is regularly updated and can be obtained as A5 paper copies in Oswestry Library and also electronically.

They have regular monthly meetings with guest speakers and the chance of networking.

In addition, DO are celebrating their work by putting on a ‘We Can Do Day’ on June 15.

Working alongside Oswestry Library, they have planned an event in which people with a disability, their carers – and all the public, can come along and find out so much more. This free event will be in Oswestry Library from 12-3pm.

With entertainment from Ace Drama (for those with learning disabilities), and then the opportunity to play boccia provided by the North Shropshire Special Olympics team, the whole event will encourage people to get involved.

Representatives from 20 different support groups will be present, with videos and as many interactive activities as possible.

One in five people is considered to have a disability of some sort. That’s nearly 4000 in Oswestry alone, possibly more as we have quite a large elderly population and the Orthopaedic Hospital nearby.

Penny Rice, DO’s co-ordinator, said: “Let’s use this opportunity to show what is available and help broaden the knowledge of disability for people in the Oswestry area. DO are there for everybody.”

Contact Penny on 01691 680382 or by e-mail disabilityoswestry161@gmail.com for more information.