ANOTHER customer at Sainsbury's who is a blue badge holder has been issued with a fine by the new company dealing with the store's car park.

However, the store has now moved to clear any confusion surrounding the free-stay periods and charges that apply.

Pauline Faulkner is the latest to have been issued a £70 after using the car park, despite registering her badge back in April.

The 72-year-old was left frustrated after being issued the fine.

She said: "I registered my vehicle in April, and since then it had been fine until a few weeks ago.

"I, like others, have never been made aware of a 30-minute maximum stay. There’s nothing to say there is one.

"I wrote to the company but didn’t get a reply.

"Since receiving the notice, I haven’t been back there to shop because I’m frightened of getting fined again.

"It really isn’t a nice thing to receive through the letterbox."

Since receiving her fine, Sainsbury's has released a statement to clear up confusion surrounding the new parking system, saying customers are only permitted to 15 minutes of free parking.

The store's spokesman said: “Customers can now park for free for up to 2 hours when they spend £5 or more in store.

"Customers’ parking tickets are validated at the checkout but this is only necessary for those who stay for more than 15 minutes.

"This new guidance is displayed around the car park, along with information for blue badge holders, who can register their vehicle with the store so they don’t need to validate or pay for their parking.”

Pauline believes the free time allowed needs to be made clearer to avoid more people being issued with fines.

She added: "Once the vehicle is registered, you are not given any proof that you have done so.

"It all seems very misinforming.

"It's a store I have used at least once a week for some time now, but things like this adds to stress and really puts you off going back there."

"It seems quite poorly communicated.

"There are not many places where you can park for free in Oswestry anyway which isn't great."