NORTH Shropshire MP Owen Paterson remained tight-lipped about his discussion with US President Donald Trump.

Mr Paterson met with President Trump yesterday along with former Conservative leader Iain Duncan-Smith MP.

Three of them sat down and had a discussion; however Mr Paterson was unable to elaborate on what it was they spoke about exactly.

He said: “Iain and I met [President Trump] at the UK Ambassador’s Residence in London.

“We had a very constructive discussion on a wide range of issues.

“We’re not going to give details of anything we discussed, it’s a matter of trust.”

The North Shropshire conservative member said it was another link between Oswestry and the White House, with the town previously having links with President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

He added: “Oswestry has had a link with the White House in the past, back when its MP David Ormsby Gore was the British Ambassador for America.

“He was made the ambassador after Kennedy requested he took on that role.

“He was a very close friend of President Kennedy and became a very key figure.”

Turning his attention to the leadership race in the Conservative Party, Mr Paterson said he is glad the number of candidates in the running has started to shrink, but admits he hopes more is done to narrow down the number.

He said: “I think it’s good the number of candidates is starting to slim down.

“It’s ridiculous having the number of people in the running that they did have.

“They haven’t gone quite as far as I would personally have liked them to yesterday, but they’ve gone quite a long way.”