A ‘Pay it Forward’ scheme has taken off after backing by locals following last week’s appeal for help in the Advertizer.

Tom Jones, owner of the Liar Liar cafe on Bailey Street in Oswestry, said he was overwhelmed with the amount of support shown after donations came pouring in from the town and further afield.

The ‘Pay it Forward’ scheme was started by Tom and his staff at Liar Liar to ensure the homeless community of Oswestry had somewhere to access free food and drink if they had none.

It works by asking customers to pay a little bit extra to go into a pot for those who cannot afford to buy food and drink.

Tom said: “The response has been incredible. I would say over 100 coffees and meals have been paid for.

“We have had people coming into the shop and just giving £20 to £30 towards the scheme which has just been so overwhelming.

“We currently have enough to last a few months but the response in general has given me the confidence that this is something that will continue for a long time.

“Obviously I hope there isn’t the need there but while it is, then we are able to help which is fantastic.

“Being able to tell them about the support Oswestry has shown towards them has definitely raised their spirits and awesome to be able to give that news.”

Meanwhile, following on with the theme of ‘Pay it Forward’, another Oswestry business, Hair by Carys Thomas, is offering a similar scheme for “those who work hard supporting families, those who are in school and can’t quite afford a salon style, those who are a little strapped for cash and those who just love a freebie!”

The free hair cutting service will take place once a month and it will be on a first come first served basis via booked appointments only.

The date will be announced with at least two weeks notice, and anyone is welcome.

There will be an optional ‘tip’ jar and all proceeds will go to a charity of Carys’ choice.

Keep your eyes peeled.