A SHROPSHIRE councillor has suggested an idea to help reduce the number of vehicles speeding on the county’s roads.

Councillor Steve Davenport posted a picture on his Twitter page of the type of speed bumps used in France to gather peoples’ thoughts on them in the region.

He said he believes the type of speed bumps used there are could almost be self-policed and also cost-effective.

With the ones in France being longer and wider, Cllr Davenport believes people will be forced to slow down before driving over them.

“I’m just trying to look at different ideas,” he said. “When I talk to groups around the county, a lot of people seem to want 20mph speed restrictions everywhere. However, 70 per cent of road accidents in Shropshire take place on roads with speed limits of between 40 and 60mph, so that’s where I think more energy should be focused.

“Any village or small town in France I went to had these speed bumps. They’re almost self-policing as they force people to slow down.

“I’ve only asked for peoples’ opinions, I’m not saying this is the perfect solution, but I’m just seeing what people think to it.

“Traffic is growing at a rate of about five per cent a year on our roads.

“I think it’s a cost effective way – you can’t just have speed restrictions without having traffic calming measures to help enforce them.”