MEET the man who spent this weekend recreating one of Wales most iconic structures out of LEGO.

The four-metre-long model of the Poncysyllte Aqueduct – which required more than 15,000 individual bricks in total – was built over the weekend at the Trevor Basin Visitor Centre Off Station Road in Wrexham.

The man behind the build is Steve Guinness, from Chester, who won the Channel 4 television series ‘Lego Masters’ in 2017 with science teacher Nate Dias from Retford in Nottinghamshire.

The former head of design and technology at Birkenhead School in the Wirral also got members of the public involved in the project, allowing them to help create part of the aqueduct.

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Pictured; Steve Guinness stood next to the completed model of the Ponycysyllte Aqueduct and various details 

Steve said: “I find building with LEGO very therapeutic and want to encourage more people to see what potential these wonderful little bricks have.

“It is great to see families coming and helping build part of the model together and that LEGO is not just for children; I am 45 and still enjoy sitting down to make something new.

“It does not matter if you are an adult or a child. Enjoy your creativity and see what you can do.”

He will be repeating this major project again later in June as well as on September 7 and 8 to coincide with the year of celebrating the tenth anniversary that the aqueduct has held World Heritage Site status.

Steve also used this event to showcase another major project he is working on and getting the support of the community to help launch what could be his first official LEGO set.

He said: “I originally made and designed a typewriter model as part of our final build on the LEGO Masters TV series.

“The inspiration came from the principle of getting the balance right in my life between work and play. Too much work and you get stressed, but a balance allows me to embrace my creativity and sense of fun in all areas of life. My typewriter model represents this idea, in a fun and visual way.”

Steve explained to the Leader that once an idea is submitted to Lego, fans are able to vote online for an idea they wish to be made into a set for retail at and the first stage is reaching the 10,000 signatures mark.

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