Oswestry Town Council will consider a correspondence from Shropshire Council regarding the use of A-boards.

Town councillors will review Shropshire Council's current A-board policy at the next Markets and Town Centre Commitee meeting on Wednesday, June 5 with a view to passing day-to-day management of the boards on to its town and parish councils.

This would see Shropshire Council's responsibility for the process and enforcing of the A-board's, devolved.

The current policy was agreed by cabinet in 2011 with the aim to support local business and their right to use the public highway for up to two A-boards to advertise their business.

A review of official complaints received in 2018 show that six were made regarding placement of the boards – with them being a potential hazard for those who are visually impaired or have mobility issues.

With consistent calls for further consideration of the current policy, there will now be the opportunity for committee members to gain views and advice on an effective way forward in forming a revised policy for Oswestry Town Council – taking into full consideration those affected.

Deadline for feedback was Friday, May 31, however; an extension has been requested recognising the process has taken place during a time of fewer meetings.

Also on the agenda is a request from Mrs M. Stokes requesting the approval of a small fun fair to take place on June 20-22 on Argos car park, opening hours being 5pm until 9pm Thursday and Friday, and 2pm until 9pm Saturday.