Wrexham councillors for Chirk and Glyn Ceiriog fear potholes may become more difficult to repair due to a lack of funding.

It was reported by Councillor Terry Evans at a recent Chirk Town Council meeting that potholes will now only receive attention if they are deeper than 50mm in town wards, and deeper than 70mm in rural areas.

Cllr Evans and Cllr Trevor Bates both fear the already damaged roads could get worse if a solution is not found.

Cllr Evans said: “The roads in general are in a bad state.

“There’s just slightly more than £2million available across the borough which is dedicated to fixing roads.

“It’s unfortunately just not enough, so what else we are able to do I’m not sure.

“It’s not just Wrexham, but Shropshire and even beyond that, the roads across the country seem to be in a state in general.

“It’s a problem that they are being patched up rather than being permanently fixed, but it all comes back to money and there isn’t enough in the pot.

“A lot of roads need fixing, and it is a major problem they’re being patched because they only get worse over time.”

Cllr Bates echoed Cllr Evans' thoughts and said he believes a substantial amount of money is required to fix the roads in the region.

He said: “The situation is very desperate. There’s pothole after pothole at the moment.

“It’s affecting residents and businesses.

“Driving around other areas you can often see repairs happening, but it doesn’t seem to be the case here.

“It’s frustrating because as councillors, we see it from both sides – we see the lack of money which can be spent on fixing them, but we also see it from a residents’ point of view.

“I think it’d require more than £50million to fix the roads in Wrexham.”