An OSWESTRY youngster who appeared on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 last week is gearing up for another concert in front of her school mates, according to her mum.

Hallie Perry was on the popular show last week, in a regular slot that features talented young people in Britain, and she belted out a tune from The Greatest Showman to millions of listeners.

She sung on the show after her mum Amy emailed in, hoping she would be selected which she duly was, and was given two days to prepare – not that she needed it.

And now Amy says her six-year-old daughter will be singing in front of her fellow pupils at Packwood Haugh, in Ruyton XI Towns where she is in Year 1, on Friday and it has made her super confident to keep performing.

“We listen to it every morning, when the little girl comes on, and Hallie said she would like to have a go at it,” said Amy.

“She said she wanted to do it. I emailed the show but I told her her to not get her hopes up. But two days after they emailed me back and said they were interested.

“They phoned us on the Saturday and she was on on the Tuesday. She’s always confident and didn’t even warm up or practice.

“It went down really well with her class and her headteacher was really proud of her for getting up and having a go.

“Now she’s going to sing at her assembly on Friday, with the help of some older girls she knows.

“I’m so proud that I have a confident and talented daughter who is now even more confident in what she does.”