A TOWN trader in Oswestry is delighted that business will continue to blossom now that a pavement permit price hike was overturned.

Louise Idoux, who owns Oswestry Herbarium in Albion Hill, welcomed news of a rapid U-turn on proposals for increased pavement permit costs, with them now being scrapped.

Louise, who uses the pavement outside of her shop to place flowers during warmer months, was disappointed when she was made aware of the proposals and called Oswestry town councillor Mike Coppock to vent her frustrations on the matter.

“I only have the flowers outside of the shop during the summer months so it would have been too expensive to think about paying it for such a short period of time,” she said.

Louise was very shocked when she heard the news that the price hike had been abolished as she believed as a “one-woman band”, her voice would not be heard.

“I was just going to remove the plants and carry on without them but now I’m happy to carry on with business as normal.

“The flowers make it look bright and cheerful.”

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Cllr Coppock was in agreement with Louise and echoed her concerns.

“Initially I was in shock,” he said.

“I found it unbelievable that someone had come up with the idea in the first place.”

When he heard the news, Cllr Coppock called around to other town traders to see if they knew about it.

He also posted on Facebook where there was ‘universal shock and surprise’’ among readers who could not believe the jump in cost from £50 to £311 for a renewal or £413 for a new permit.

Although Cllr Coppock would not have been directly affected by the hike in price as his shop Rowanthorn is on private land, businesses like Louise’s would have felt the pinch.

Councillor Gwilym Butler, cabinet member for communities, place planning and regulatory services, said: “

Traders in towns across the county had hit out at the move, with some saying it would have an impact on costs passed on to customers.

But now Councillor Butler said he has recognised the impact it would have on business and the rise has been deferred pending full consultation.

He said: “The fees associated with a pavement permit had this year increased. However, the council now recognises that such an increase at this time is not appropriate given the current pressures on our high street businesses and it has been decided to defer any rise in the pavement permit fees at this time until a further review with wider consultation has been undertaken.”