A GROUP made a special find when metal detecting on a West Felton field as they discovered a wedding-goers missing ring.

Chris Langston of Oswestry Unearthed was using his metal detector with a friend and two guests from Australia on a patch of land which had recently been used for a wedding party when he discovered one of two rings that had gone missing.

The land belongs to Mr and Mrs Johnston, whose daughter had recently held the wedding party on the land.

Friends of their daughter had both managed to lose a ring each at the party.

Chris said they were lucky to find the one ring and hopes to return to the land to search for the other one.

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“We had been metal detecting on Mr and Mrs Johnston’s land and we were then told about a pair of missing rings on the land,” he said.

“We learnt that one of the rings was lost by a woman dancing near a fire pit when the ring flew off her finger.

“It was a very lucky find – it could have been anywhere in the almost four-acre field.

“It took a couple of hours for us to locate it. We had guests working with us from New South Wales named Isaac and Shane Power, and also a friend of mine Robin Kynaston from the area.

“We were all working on patches, so I was lucky to have the patch in which it was located.

“We’ll be heading back to look for the other ring soon.”

The ring was an unusual find in comparison to Chris’ usual discoveries, with the Oswestry Unearthed group usually focusing its efforts on finding historical artefacts.

Chris and the group proved to be the heroes of the day though as the ring held historical values of its own, after being passed down a number of generations to the current owner.

Chris added: “I spend a lot of time looking for historical items, so this was different to my usual finds.

“In the past I have unearthed medieval coins, a silver bodkin and a hornbook among many other things.

“The owner of the ring was over the moon when we found it.

“It is a very sentimental item to her, it once belonged to her grandmother, so it is something which has been kept in the family.

“There was a big sigh of relief from them when it was found.”