A COMPANY criticised by residents about the building of a potential ‘rat run’ through a Morda cul-de-sac has expressed their disappointment at protests against their plans.

But residents have revealed their frustration at the lack of co-operation shown by the building company.

The issues in Kingfisher Way, in Morda, has seen residents protesting against plans to put a road through the area with children living on the cul-de-sac putting up signs declaring ‘No to the rat run’.

Neal Homes and First Choice Design and Development Ltd are the companies behind the new developments and Mandy Neal, company director, insists the protests and signs are misleading and believes they should be taken down.

“We’re unhappy because the information on the signs is completely incorrect,” she said. “The proposed road being built through Kingfisher Way could not be used as a rat run. The architect dealing with the road has assured us the road will only be shorter than the main road route by 32 metres.

“The mathematics and logistics tell you that the road will not be used as a rat run, and because of the raised sections on the road and its design, it would take longer to use the through road as opposed to the main road.”

Ms Neal said the signs are causing issues with house sales at the new sites.

She added: “Anyone with sense wouldn’t use it as a rat run. The development site in question is an extension of Kingfisher Way, so this shouldn’t be an issue for people already living there. How are they supposed to get to their houses without a road?

“The residents standing against the road are causing issues with house sales. The proposed site is wonderful – it’s perfect for families and we are a very family and community-driven group.”

Residents have also been led to believe the company has contacted the police about the signs.

Kingfisher Way resident Lisa Griffiths said: “We were told the company had complained to the police about the signs our children put up,” she said.

“They could’ve come to us first to speak about it, but they felt better to go above our heads.

“We haven’t received any contact from the police or anyone regarding the signs. It’s a civil matter – we’re not doing anything illegal.”

“We won’t be taking our signs down.”

Lisa added that many residents have been left frustrated by the lack of communication and co-operation from the company.

She said: “It’s just ridiculous that they haven’t contacted us. If they listened to our concerns, we could’ve worked together and come up with a better solution.

“Not once have they spoken to us about the signs. Meanwhile they are continuing with the road and showing the open house.

“It just feels like an ongoing saga. It’s very frustrating – we’re professional people here and we’d happily talk to come up with an amicable solution.

“We’re not asking for much. Simple solutions are available, but they just don’t care for what the residents here think at all.”