A TRAVELLING funfair look set to stay at their current home after rubbishing claims that they had been found a new site.

The Stokes family, who run funfairs around Shropshire and further afield, have been staying at the former Ifton Heath Primary School for several years, after being moved from their old home in Oswestry.

Shropshire Councillor for St Martins, Steve Davenport, said earlier this year that a new site in Maesbury Road in Oswestry had been found for the family, something the family have not yet been able to confirm.

Alan Stokes said: "I haven't been told anything yet. As far as I know I'll be here until the winter period at least.

"Shropshire council have been suggesting sites since 1999, so 20 years now, from Bridgnorth to Oswestry but nothing's happened.

"They asked us to protect this site, which we have done. People drive past here and think I'm doing nothing, but I'm not. I'm running fairs every weekend in Shrewsbury Quarry.

"Shropshire Council have told us not to say anything so I was quite surprised to see the piece in the paper.

"Councillor [Steve] Davenport speaks for local constituents, one or two of which don't want us here. But I don't know where he's got the information from."