AN OSWESTRY organisation that saves commercial hens from the chop are looking for people to provide new homes.

Commercially, all laying hens are slaughtered at the age of 72 weeks, when their production drops slightly.

Oswestry Fresh Start for Hens work closely with British farmers and purchase the hens from the caged, barn and free range systems, just before their slaughter date and rehome them to a diverse range of individuals wanting hens as pets or companion animals.

Holly Southern, volunteer for Oswestry Fresh Start for Hens, said: "We have had a great response to the Early June rehomes and they are now closed. All the hens have been reserved. Which is fantastic!

"I’ve been keeping a few garden hens for a number for years and when I first rehomed some hens in 2016 from Fresh Start For Hens and learnt a lot from speaking to their team. I knew I had to get involved and do my bit to help spread the word about the plight of the commercial hen. So I’ve been been running Oswestry’s collection point since 2016, with several rehomes each year, along with support for our local rehomers.

"All commercial egg laying hens are seen on the industry as past their best at 72 weeks old, they are sent to the processors at this age because their egg laying drops below 6 eggs a week.

"It is so sad that their lives are worth so little and are sold for cheap pies or pet food, when they could actually live a further two to five years still laying eggs.

"Once rehomed it’s amazing to see these little hens blossom and becoming a big part of people’s families, just like a cat or dog!

"They adapt amazingly well to a back garden-life, and provide hours of fun antics. They develop their own little personalities and are actually very intelligent animals when given the chance.

A rehoming day will be held on July 6 in Oswestry and Mold

The organisation ask for a minimum donation of £2.50 per hen, and a photo of their coops/run through the reservation process.

For more details and to reserve a hen, visit