A Llansantffraid-Ym-Mechain campaigner is set to speak at a national independence rally to be held in Cardiff this weekend.

Ben Gwalchmai will address a crowd outside the Central Library in Cardiff city centre during the first ever March for an Independent Wales on Saturday, May 11.

Adam Price, leader of Plaid Cymru, Siôn Jobbins of YesCymru, Sandy Clubb of Undod and the poet Ali Goolyad will also say a few words outside the Central Library in the city centre.

Mr Gwalchmai, a former Llanfyllin student, says the "unfair and unjust" system of government in the UK will be at the heart of his speech.

"There's a certain level of injustice and unfairness at the heart of the Westminster system and we're seeing that played out in Brexit, for example," he said.

"Even if all of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted 65% for remain it will wouldn't have affected the result because of English votes.

"We've got a system now where if all Welsh MP's voted one way on an issue affecting Wales, it could be overturned by 50 per cent of English MP's.

"We've got a system where Welsh taxes are paying for HS2, a railway line which will connect London to Manchester with high speed rail services, yet we can't get anyone to even consider getting a connection from Caersws to Cardiff re-opened.

"It's madness and it cannot continue, and young people in this country won't let it continue.

"It's not about putting up walls, it's about fairness and democratic standards.

"For me it's about lighting the flame which lights the torch for the issue all around the country, and spreads the message of how much brighter our future could be."

AUOBCymru says it's a "grassroots movement" which takes inspiration from the All Under One Banner movement in Scotland. It is supported by a number of groups who share the aim of securing an independent Wales, and is not aligned with or affiliated to any political party.

Llywelyn ap Gwilym, a spokesperson for AUOBCymru said:

"The debate around Wales’ constitutional future has intensified since the vote for the UK to leave the European Union. Several groups which believe that Wales and its people would have a better future as an independent nation outside the UK, including YesCymru and Undod, have strived to engage the broader public and bring the debate into the mainstream. There is an increasing realisation that independence is normal.

"Others, such as AWokEN and Welsh Football Fans for Independence, have looked to engage on the topic with particular interest groups. All Under One Banner Cymru seeks to bring all of these groups together under one banner to show their support for an independent Wales via a series of mass public processions, starting in Cardiff on 11 May."