OSWESTRY’S Town Clerk had the opportunity to meet French President Emmanuel Macron last week.

During a trip to France as part of his new role at National Association of British Marketing Authority (NABMA), David Preston attended an event at which the guest speaker was President Macron.

Through his new role as chief executive of NABMA, David was invited to an event in celebration of Labour Day in France and as part of his invitation, he spent some time at the Élysée Palace – the home of President Macron.

Along with some of his colleagues, he had the chance to meet the French leader.

“It was a very different experience,” he said.

“The day celebrates links between employment, markets and culture.

“I received an invitation from Rungis, which is not only the largest wholesale market in France, but in the world.

“Each year to celebrate the day, they take producers from around France to present various foods to the French President.

“Invites were extended to delegates of wholesale and retail markets around Europe.

“The first part of the celebration was at Hotel de Ville in Paris, led by the mayor of Paris, before delegates went to see the exhibition at Élysée Palace – that’s where Macron was guest speaker.”

“He was very engaging and visited all stalls at the event. He spent well over an hour there.

“After the event he took the opportunity to extend his greetings to markets in the United Kingdom by talking to the president of NABMA, Councillor Geraldine Carter.”