A West Felton woman died as the result of a road traffic collision because she did not slow down at a dangerous junction, a coroner has ruled.

Pamela Gunter, 71, from West Felton, died on December 22 after her Citroen car was hit by a Volvo belonging to Yvonne Beaumont, who was driving to Shrewsbury after picking her son up from Manchester Airport.

At an inquest, held in Shrewsbury's Shirehall, on Thursday, May 9, John Ellery, Shropshire Coroner, sad he will be writing to Highways after hearing witness statements from Mrs Beaumont and another driver Matthew Swann – read by coroner's officer Emma Wilson – describing how the accident unfolded on the A5 and the B5009 near the Queen's Head in West Felton.

Mr Ellery said: "I accept the evidence of the witnesses.

"The driver failed to stop and I conclude it was an RTC. I will be writing to Highways to consider the seriousness of this accident and they will be considering any action for this junction."

Mrs Beaumont said: "I could see a car on the other side of the bollard but it didn’t stop.

"I don’t think she could have seen me and I slammed on the breaks. The airbags came out and I couldn’t do any more with the car.

"I understood the lady was in a bad state and [my husband] went to see her. We were checked over by a doctor and we had bruises but were ok.

"I just don’t know what she was thinking. Thankfully there was no oncoming traffic as we’d have hit that as well."

Mr Swann added: "I witnessed a Citroen car pull out and hit a Volvo. It happened on the Shrewsbury-bound A5 road. I know it well. I would say the Queen’s Head junction is a bad one.

"It has limited views one way. I had been visiting friends in Oswestry, but was heading back to Shrewsbury. I joined the A5 and was behind a Volvo estate. They were being driven well.

"The conditions were fine and when approached aforementioned junction, I could see the car getting closer and then it came out straight into the path of the Volvo. They did all they can as it had nowhere to go.

"I couldn’t believe what I had just seen, I parked up and called emergency services.

"A doctor appeared and he held the lady’s head. I was asked who I believed caused the collision and I think it was the lady in the Citroen."