Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery?

I certainly do – and if you do then I suggest you head over to the Attfield Theatre this week to see their final play of the 2018/19 season, Curtain Up On Murder by Bettine Manktelow.

If I’m honest, it was a little slow to get going (I feel that wasn’t the fault of the Attfield team directed by Helen Roberts), but once it did it was a rollercoaster ride with so many twists in the tale I doubt even Agatha Christie herself would have worked out the ending.

My heart was pounding at the end and I gasped plenty of times along with the rest of the audience.

For me, the real treat was not knowing what the play was about – other than the fact there was going to be a murder or two.

But to set the scene the play sees a seaside town’s amateur dramatics group meet to rehearse at their little theatre at the end of the pier.

As the evening unfolds a storm rages and mysterious, deadly occurrences begin to happen.

Other than that I am keeping schtum, but it was fascinating to see thespians on stage pretending to be thespians!

Although it was only a small group with no set changes at all, they kept the pace going throughout.

But if you think this is all drama then think again. There were plenty of comic moments largely thanks to Michaela Turner as the sweet-natured, but naive Moppet, and she was ably assisted by Malcolm Lord whose quick-witted character Martin was directing the seaside group.

I think the best praise for the Attfield team came as I was leaving the theatre and could hear several members of the audience discuss who they had thought was behind the murders, that’s when you know you really had them captured.

But for me the best way to sum up it up is that Curtain Up On Murder is one of the best, if not the best, play I’ve seen at Attfield.

So if you get the chance go and see it!

Performances take place every evening from 7.45pm until Saturday and tickets, priced at £8 per person are available by calling 01691 680222.