THE chairman of the British Ironwork Centre said he is happy to be trialling a new service in a bid to promote tourism in Oswestry.

Clive Knowles of the centre was approached by the Oswestry Chamber of Commerce and Oswestry Business Improvement District (BID) with the idea of launching a new shuttle bus service from the sculpture park near the A5.

The idea is to have a shuttle bus service running between the centre and Oswestry town, to encourage those visiting the attraction to make their way into town.

Clive described the idea, initially proposed to him by Mark Derham of Oswestry Chamber of Commerce, as excellent, and hopes visitors will enjoy another service offered to them on their visit.

“Mark approached us with the idea. I thought it was brilliant,” he said.

“We can use the popularity of the centre to give our visitors the chance to see Oswestry at the same time.

“Whenever visitors come here, our principal priority is to ensure we fulfil their desires in whatever way we can.

“Whether that’s offering good food, creative things to see and so on – we want them to get the best out of their visit.

“So, we can now offer them something more whereby visitors have the chance every hour, at the price of a small donation, can see our local market town.”

The shuttle service, ran by Owen’s Coaches, is set to be available to visitors at the price of a small donation.

They are expected to be available on the hour, every hour, between 11am and 3pm.

Clive added: “It’s an unexpected benefit for people who pay us a visit here.

“For those with a more leisurely, relaxed lifestyle who don’t have to be concerned about watching the clock constantly, it’s a lovely idea.

“We want to be able to share our visitors with the town.

“It works well for both the town and the centre – the centre offering a double-benefit pleases the visitors, while the town receives extra visitors.

“What we always want here is a business which has a marked positive impact on the town, county and region as a whole.

“Oswestry is very rich in history – why not let people have the chance to see this quaint town?”

The service will initially be trialled on Saturday, May 25.