A BUSINESS owner from Oswestry has been left outraged at her application being left off the upcoming planning agenda at Shropshire Council.

Sophie Dillon, who owns the Hayes Barn hotel on the edge of Oswestry, has battled with Shropshire Council to get planning permission approved for a restaurant for almost two years.

The issue revolves around the main entrance to the business in Racecourse Road, which the planning board states needs to be safer before any changes to the business can be made.

Despite being more than willing to make changes, Sophie says is yet to hear from Shropshire Council and has been left dismayed at once again being left off April's planning agenda.

In her dismay, Sophie cited the inclusion of an item for the British Ironworks Centre, outside Oswestry, has been, despite not having planning permission since opening in 2009.

"My number one priority is following the criteria from the council when the planning was refused," she said.

"The reasons for the refusal was that the access was dangerous and there was a potential for noise. The council did no surveys for this, it was just based on local hearsay.

"We've had our own surveys done and we've established that the average speed along the road is 42mph. The report was conducted over seven days, so it was a fairly accurate report.

"The glaring question in my mind is that 19 months on, why is my business still closed, and the Ironworks is still open? Why is there one rule for one, and another rule for another? That's my question.

"I've done everything the council has asked. I've received a comment from highways and I've agreed to a monetary contribution to turn the 60 into a 40. My agent has had no response from the council.

"Hayes Barn has once again been left out in the cold. I was told we would be on January’s agenda. It's now the end of April. I've still had no reply as to why we've been left off the agenda.

"Everything I have has gone into the business and I'm still being asked to spend money before even knowing if I'll get planning permission.

"It's just completely unfair. [The Ironworks] is a big business that employs people, I run small business that did employ people that I sadly had to let go. What's the difference? I haven't had a fair crack.

"This nightmare, and it has been a nightmare, has cost me everything financially and has of course been extremely stressful.

"The power lies with the council, where are the answers?

"My fight now is as much about the next person as it is about myself. I will continue to fight, I won't go away."

A spokesperson for Shropshire Council confirmed that the planning committee were aware of the situation, saying: "The agents for the application (Berry’s) are fully aware of the situation with regard to the application.

"Sophie Dillon was never promised that it would be on April committee as that was never going to be feasible given that they had only submitted further technical information on the April 7 and the agenda closed on April 18."