A house will be knocked down and a new one built in its place to help its wheelchair-bound owner.

Applicant Mr Gordon applied to knock down The Lodge, just east of Llanymynech, near Oswestry and build a new house on the site.

Shropshire Council’s North Planning Committee voted to approve the plans.

Councillor Vince Hunt said: “The owner wants to stay in his home and stay in his community so I have no problems with these plans.”

And Councillor Gerald Dakin added: “The building isn’t that good as it stands and I would support it being rebuilt and making a better house for the owner would be good.”

Councillor Mark Jones added: “I think rebuilding it for a disabled resident would be ideal.”

The scheme ha been objected to by Pant and Llanymynech Parish Council, although a statement was not been provided as to why.

Presenting his report to the committee, Ollie Thomas, planning case officer, said: “This application is seeking full planning permission for the erection of a replacement dwelling, following demolition of an existing building, known as The Lodge, to the east of Llanymynech.

“The application site concerns an existing residential dwelling and its curtilage, located roughly 1.5Km east of Llanymynech along the B4398, leading to Knockin.

“The existing single storey dwelling sits forward in a modest plot, with its access off the highway to the east of the plot, which serves both the dwelling and a number of agricultural buildings further beyond, to the south.

“The dwelling has a prominent position along the highway when travelling westwards, due to the lack of any substantial boundary treatments.

“The parish council have objected to the scheme, contrary to the officers’ recommendation.

“Despite their comments raising no material considerations, in consultation with the chair and vice chair of the planning committee, it was decided that the application be decided at committee, owing to officer recommendation and consultee responses which on this occasion are considered significant material considerations.”

Mr Thomas added that the resident was disabled and wanted to rebuild the house to meet his needs.