I SAW an incredible piece of football action on Sunday when Leeds United boss Marcelo Bielsa ordered his players to let Aston Villa score.

I watched on as Leeds scored when there was an Aston Villa player on the floor, and they stopped, thinking that Leeds would put the ball out of play.

But they didn’t and went on to score.

And by doing that, he effectively granted promotion to Sheffield United because the game stayed at 1-1, meaning Leeds will have to go through the play-offs.

It was brilliant to see and it shows the character of the man and what he brings to football here in England.

That’s not just because he’s a top, top coach but because of the sportsmanship he showed there and it’s obvious he’s got the morals to make that decision.

When the stakes are that high, you can be forgiven for not doing the right thing but he did.

Bielsa was praised by his Villa counterpart Dean Smith for what he did and was also praised by United boss Chris Wilder.

But if I was Smith, I would be worried about my players not playing to the whistle because it was down to the referee to blow the whistle if he wanted the player to get treatment.

We’re always told to play to the whistle but there are moments you lose focus; however, I did notice on Sunday that they did stop playing.

All of a sudden they switch off and it’s too late then because Leeds had already scored but then they did the right thing to let them through and score.

Meanwhile, a word on the brilliant achievement of Sheffield United being promoted back to the Premier League.

Wilder has been promoted out of every league he’s been in – National League, Leagues One and Two and now the Championship.

That’s a pretty brilliant achievement. I know Chris well – he was on my coaching course and he’s a brilliant, down-to-earth bloke and I am made up for him.

He’s a driven bloke; he’s a boyhood Blade too and he’s played for the club and now he’s managing them in the Premier League, with a great mentality and team spirit.