A MEET and greet with popular children’s television characters is returning to Chirk in aid of charity.

Peppa Pig and Hello Kitty will be coming to Chirk AAAs again after a successful previous event, to raise money for Hope House Children’s Hospice.

The idea comes after the last event in aid of Chirk child Mia Parry, who died last year after a battle with illness, helped to raise money.

Mia’s mother, Martine Jones, believes the event is a great way to raise money for a good cause.

She said: “We could not attend the last event like this one at the AAAs, but we know there was a very good turnout.

“The event was in aid of Mia, so the money raised was passed onto her cause.

“It’s a great idea for an event in the community for people to enjoy while raising money for such a good cause.”

Having received help from the hospice, Martine praised the work done by Hope House, based in Morda, and hopes people go along to support the event.

She added: “Hope House Hospice is a great cause to raise money for. I know they rely heavily on fundraising and the work they do is amazing.

“They helped out with Mia’s funeral, offered emotional support and it was at the hospice I spent weeks with Mia before she passed away.

“They’re still involved with the family now and offer us great help.

“The more people who come along to support the event, the merrier.

“Mia was obsessed with Peppa Pig, so it’s a nice way to remember her. It’s really nice to know people still want to organise things in Mia’s memory.”

Event organiser Amy Valentine said: “Chirk AAAs have offered us the room again for the event which is great.

“No one knows when they may need the help of Hope House Hospice, so it’s a very important charity which helps so many people – including the family of Mia in Chirk.

“With this event, the children and charity both benefit – the kids have a chance to meet Peppa and Hello Kitty, while the charity receives donations.”

The event is set to take place on Sunday, June 30 at Chirk AAAs Social Club between 2pm and 4pm – however the event may run past 4pm if necessary.