THOUSANDS took to the streets of the capital on Sunday to contest the London Marathon.

Of the 40,000 plus competitors, many came from north Shropshire.

The Advertizer caught up with three of the runners to hear their thoughts on taking part in the prestigious race.

Ricky Roberts, from Ellesmere, said: “I wanted to run a marathon, but I wanted to do it for a good cause, so I picked Children with Cancer as my charity.

“I had a 20 minute call with them and thought nothing of it, and shortly after the asked me to be on their team!

“It was a challenge, but a good challenge. I feel like the London Marathon has gone from a running event to a charity event. It can be an enjoyable one if you get used to the 42,000 other runners, plus the one million supporters.

“I can’t tell you how intense the atmosphere was, training can’t prepare you for that.”

Fellow Ellesmere competitor Jody Wilson said: “Yeah London went as well as expected, didn’t quite get the time I wanted but I’m all about the charity anyway. Myself and Matt Plowden have £2,300 on our virgin giving page now.

“It takes my personal tally to around £12,300 for Leukaemia Care after my fourth London in four years for this charity, my seventh over all.

“I love the atmosphere of London that’s why I keep coming back every year and once again London didn’t disappoint. The crowds are amazing every step of the way, from Blackheath to the Mall there is never a lull in the wall of sound.”

Meanwhile, Oswestry runner Julie Davies said: “It was an amazing day once again! I completed in four hours, one minute and 28 seconds, so an hour quicker than last year.

“I could of probably got a sub four if I hadn’t stopped for a chat and selfie with Chris Evans, filmed going over Tower Bridge and stopped to kiss and hug my sister, mum and nephews at mile seven and the grandstand by the finish. But when they have made the effort to come along and support me, and stand around for hours waiting to see me, there was no way I would run past them without stopping!

“The atmosphere was totally awesome as always and the most important thing is that I have raised £5,775 so far for the Severn Hospice in memory of Dad.”