SWAN eggs which were set to hatch near Oswestry appear to have been damaged overnight at a popular tourist attraction.

Whittington Castle’s swans had laid several eggs which were set to hatch soon were seen damaged and cracked on the nest at the side of the castle lake.

One egg appears undamaged, but several others look to have been broken.

The cause of the damage is unknown, but castle manager Sue Ellis has reiterated the importance of being cautious around the animals and their eggs.

She said: “We want people to steer clear of the nests and to make sure if they are walking past with dogs, they keep them away from the swans and the nests on a lead.

“We would like people to be very cautious when they go past the nest.

“The swans are very protective of the eggs, so we ask that people respect that.

“We’re just asking people to be a bit more aware and a bit more friendly towards the animals.”