An Oswestry man, jailed for more than six years, attacked a man at his former girlfriend's home with a kitchen knife after breaking into her home, a court heard.

Daniel Elliott – described as 'bitter and angry' – lay in wait in the early hours before stabbing Edward Arnold as he entered the flat.

The victim managed to turn away as the knife was aimed at his face and was struck in the arm.

At Shrewsbury Crown Court last week 27-year-old Elliott was jailed for a total of six years and two months.

Elliott, of Beatrice Street, had pleaded guilty to charges of wounding with intent and burglary and had admitted slashing a sofa and bleaching his ex-girlfriend's clothes.

Passing sentence Judge Peter Barrie said Elliott had been fuelled by bitterness and anger and was clearly intent on attacking the victim.

“It is clear that if Mr Arnold had not managed to run out of the way you might be facing a far more serious situation," he said.

The court heard that Elliott had confronted his ex-girlfriend and Mr Arnold near the Boars Head pub in Oswestry on the evening of October 26 last year.

Katie Fox, prosecuting, said the defendant had shouted abuse at his former partner and was calling her names.

There was a second incident later in the Boars Head when Elliott was 'goading' Mr Arnold in the bar and a scuffle broke out and both men were asked to leave.

Miss Fox said that in the early hours Elliott broke into his ex-girlfriend's ground floor flat by breaking a window.

She said about 3am the woman, Mr Arnold and another friend returned to the flat, but realised a window had been smashed.

"Mr Arnold went in first and saw the defendant run towards him with a kitchen knife raised towards him pointing to his face,” she said.

Mr Arnold tried to stop Elliott and the two ended up on the floor and he managed to turn and the knife went into his left arm. Elliott was pulled away his ex-girlfriend and he left the flat.

The victim needed stitches to a wound to his upper arm and his pleural cavity was also damaged.

Elliott was arrested by police around 4.30am when he was found hiding in a vehicle outside his mother’s house.

Gerry Bermingham, for Elliott, said his client had taken cocaine that night and said that his actions were the result of “drink, drugs and jealousy”.