A BIT of banter between colleagues at an Oswestry shop has led to charity fundraising.

Ben Stokes, of the Co-op in Victoria Road, will have his beard shaved at the store on May 13 to raise funds for a cancer charity.

Ben, 30, of Oswestry, said: "It all started as a bit of banter at work people asking me when I was shaving it off so I thought why not do it for charity and see if we can raise some money.

"Hopefully we should be able to raise a bit as I’ve had plenty of customers, friends and family say they’ll all contribute.

"We’re looking at cancer research or a local cancer charity as they’re charities close to my heart and they do wonderful work, so anything we can get would be brilliant."

He added that he was "quite nervous" about the shave, which starts at 12noon, but added: "It’s such a good cause it’s certainly worth the nerves!"

Store manager Sam Teares, who has organised the shave, said that they hoped to reach at least £200 in donations and added that those who contribute will have a chance to snip a small amount of Ben's beard before a professional takes over.