The family of an Oswestry pharmacy dispenser who died from an overdose have said she will be missed by all.

Kirsty Louise Roberts died in October 2018 after taking a combination of tablets. She had called for medical help but died before she reached hospital.

Her mother, Michelle Jones, gave a loving tribute to her daughter, who she described as 'much as a friend as a daughter', and painted a picture of someone who had a great interest in people.

"Kirsty was popular and well-liked," she said.

"She was loved by everyone – if she went out, she would always come back with a new friend.

"Kirsty would talk to anyone, and she would always try to help them. She was always there for her family and friends.

"She worked in the job for three years and loved her work as it meant she had people to talk to. Some of her customers were devastated by her death. She was good at her job because she took an interest in people.

"We were friends as much as we were mother and daughter. We did a lot together and sometimes you didn't know who the mum or the daughter."

Kirsty's brother Luke said his sister was full of love and would never allow him to feel alone.

He added: "She never let be on my own if someone let me down. She would always help me out but would tell me if I was being silly.

"She doted on her four nieces and two nephews and spoilt them at Christmas. She had Christmas all planned out and that's why it was big shock."

At Shrewsbury's Shirehall on Wednesday, Shropshire Coroner John Ellery recorded a conclusion of suicide.