THE New Saints FC is looking for a partner to operate its leisure and hospitality affairs.

Club owner Mike Harris said that the club wants The Venue in Park Hall to to benefit from “scales of economy”.

He said: “There’s an indepedent operator there now that operates it out of one site – it’s probably time now to evaluate whether there’s multiple operators who’d like to or whether a single operator might like to come and do it.

“All football clubs do it. They have a management company to run the leisure side of their businesses.

“Every football club, all their corporate hospitality and leisure stuff is done by third party companies.

“Whether or not we go down that road depends on who comes forward. The business has grown quite considerably since we opened and it’s probably right that it gets its own direction, and gets the benefit of scales of economy.

“If we find somebody, we find somebody and if we don’t, we don’t – it’s that’s what we’ve been advised is probably the right way to that we can concentrate on football and concentrate on the leisure element.”

The facility – which TNS bills as ‘Oswestry’s number one entertainment venue – opened 12 years ago and offers a bar and restaurant, regular events, fitness activities, a bowling alley, soft play and function suites.