SIGNS promoting Oswestry are popping up at motorway services along major routes in the area.

The new signs, encouraging people to 'explore Oswestry' have appeared at the services on Junction 4 of the M54 near Telford, but can be expected to appear at other services in the near future.

The project is a collaboration between several tourism groups in the area, who have pooled their resources to fund to signs.

Groups involved in the collaboration include Oswestry Borderland Tourism, the Oswestry Chamber of Commerce and the Oswestry BID.

Clive Knowles of the British Ironwork Centre, said: "The three groups got together with the question of how to promote Oswestry.

"Easter is a particular time of the year when people go and explore. It's the time of year when everyone has to be their best.

"We've arranged these display boards in high footfall areas on motorways. Everyone travelling through gets to see the banners.

"We're trying to give Oswestry increased visitor numbers. The posters promote everything from the hill fort, the Cambrian Railway, the town and the Wilfred Owen statue.

"The signs are normally taken up by big national names, so it's quite unusual so have what is just a market town on the signs. It's great to see.

"It's not just one attraction that will benefit. It's great for the economy as well. The town and this area is blessed. It's got a great location but location isn't enough.

"We have to do much more, we have to encourage more people to coma and explore the town.

"We're in an excellent position though, for commuters right from the Midlands to mid Wales to Chester, we couldn't be a better place to stop.

"You've got to push yourself forward and it's great to see all these people come together to promote the town together."