OSWESTRY councillors have opposed moves to cut bus routes.

Oswestry Town Council's Development and Planning Committee voiced its opposition to any reduced timetable for bus services

Shropshire Council's 2019/20 budget includes a £405,000 cut for public transport and a £50,000 reduction for Shrewsbury Park and Ride.

Councillor Olly Rose branded the cuts "completely ridiculous".

"In my work I come across people all the time who are becoming more and more cut off," she said.

Mayor of Oswestry, Cllr Sandy Best, said that Shropshire Council had not considered socio-economic factors like the money bus users spend when in town and the extra cost to social service and care budget from isolation.

"So from just an issue like this of cutting buses, the impact onto community centres is noticeable," she said.

Cllr Peter Cherrington said that it is mainly the low-paid who use the buses and that the cuts were an "economic deprivation to the town".

"In a roundabout way it's a vicious circle destroying ourselves," he added.

Members agreed to ask for a "more proactive promotional look at bus services to address isolation and provide access to employment and learning and stimulate town centres".

Councillors also supported the retention of all services linked to the area's schools and opposed the removal of concessionary fares.

Shropshire Council is running a consultation until May 6.

The Cabinet will consider the changes on Wednesday, May 22.

To contribute to the consultation, visit www.shropshire.gov.uk