Controversial plans for a new car park at one of the country’s oldest schools have been passed.

Oswestry School, which was founded in 1407, said it wanted to build the car park to ease traffic problems and make the road around the school safer.

But one resident said the plans would have the opposite impact and actually make the road worse.

Shropshire Council’s North Planning Committee gave the plans the green light, with various conditions including a noise mitigation scheme for local residents.

It comes a year after the school withdrew plans for a new car park facility after concerns were raised it was on the  playing fields which is said to be the site of a famous battle which gave Oswestry its name.

The car park will be made up of 46 new bays. The school said it still has trouble accommodating the number of vehicles is attracts each day despite promoting a cycle to school and work scheme.

Resident Andrew Field told the committee that he had concerns about the plan.

He said: “I think it will increase congestion and safety worries during busier times and I do not think it has been well thought through at all.

“The new entrance will cause more hold ups and cause more delays than anything.

“It is not about making things safer, it is about making money for the school.

“It will diminish the quality of life of seven families in seven homes and can you put yourself in those people’s shoes?”

But deputy headteacher Phil Bowd said the plan was purely to make things better.

“All we want to do is improve safety on the road and lessen the amount of congestion,” he said.

“Everything is geared towards doing just that.”

Shropshire Council planning case officer Mark Perry said: “The submitted application is for the creation of additional car parking for use by staff and visitors to Oswestry School.

“The car park would provide space for 46 cars which is in addition to the 36 spaces that were created by the adjacent car park which received planning permission in 2012.

“At present the existing car park has a single access which is adjacent to the Bursars House.

“The addition of the extra car parking also involves the creation of a second access thereby allowing separate ‘in’ and ‘out’ points for vehicles.

“As part of the proposal the applicant is also suggesting revisions to the existing on-street parking arrangements and the creation of a new Traffic Regulation Order to introduce new on street parking restrictions.

“By providing extra off-street parking provision it will allow the school to reconfigure how they use the existing access and vehicle circulation space within the school complex which the school states would make it safer for pedestrians as currently there is significant risk because of one of the blind bends within the school site.

“Changes will also mean that the existing mini-roundabout will be utilised more which would assist in the free flow of traffic along Upper Brook Street.”