THE latest Health Hero Award winner at the Orthopaedic in Gobowen has been announced.

Terri Dhawan, a advanced scrub practitioner, has received the award for her hard work and commitment following weeks of organising and running a festive fundraising event at the hospital.

Terri, alongside colleagues in theatres, organised the week-long event to raise money to allow the RJAH Charity to purchase a new obs machine for Oswald Ward, the specialist oncology ward, and Montgomery Unit, oncology outpatients.

Funds were also donated to Action Bladder Cancer UK - a charity who support bladder cancer patients and improve outcomes and early diagnosis for the disease.

The week featured a variety of events such as a homemade mince pie competition, a visit from Liar Liar Coffee Shop in Oswestry and a bumper prize draw.

A total of three nominations were submitted for Terri by theatre nurse specialist Dawn Willmore and scrub nurses Jacqui Greatorex and Megan Lawrence.

Jacqui said: “Terri was the driving force behind the Theatres Festive Fun Week – she is always so generous and committed to raising money for charity.”

Dawn said: “She put in so much hard work, organisation and dedication for the fundraising she led in Theatres running up to Christmas.

“My hat goes off to her enthusiasm and passion.”

Megan said: “Terri organised the whole week in her own time and put in an outstanding amount of effort.

“She is always going above and beyond.”

During the fundraising week organised by Terri, over £1,660 was raised for the RJAH Charity and Action Bladder Cancer UK.

The award was presented to Terri by chief executive Mark Brandreth and announced at the board of directors meeting (Thursday, March 28).

Terri said: “I was so surprised to find out I was this month’s Health Hero. It really means a lot and it’s lovely to know that your hard work is appreciated.

“The Festive Week was something myself and theatre scrub manager Leonie Keeling thought up as a way to get people into the Christmas spirit and to put smiles on faces.

“We wanted to open the department up to the rest of the hospital and at the same to raise money for two very worthy charities.

“The response we had was fantastic. People were really getting involved and there was a real buzz around the place.

“It was a rather stressful week but I’m so glad we did it - maybe not the morning I had to taste test 40 mince pies though!

“I’d like to thank everyone that nominated me for the award and also a huge thank you to all the companies that helped me. The fantastic amount we raised of £1,666 wouldn’t have been made without their support and generosity.”

Mr Brandreth said that Terri went "above and beyond" to plan the fundraising week in the run-up to Christmas.

“It’s also clear to me how much her colleagues admire her dedication and hard work," he said.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to announce her as the latest winner of the Health Hero Award.”